About marketing agency Büro.MT


BÜRO.MT Marketing Agency was founded in April 1999 under the name Bureau of Marketing Technologies.

We werecreating the young market of advertising in Ukraine. The market grew, we made progress. We coped with three economic crises and helped our customers overcome them.

Over 20 years of work, we have got convinced in two things:

1) the creative approach must solve business problems;

2) creative ideas must be developed, but not made up.

We call our approach to advertising creative marketing. We believe that any marketing task has a creative solution. And we know how to find it!




Our own Research Department

We have been conducting marketing research since the first day of the agency’s existence. During 20 years of work, we implemented over 2000 independent research projects. Creative projects at the agency also begin with research.



We can work without breaks and days off. It’s easy, since work brings us pleasure.



We apply the our own 3 Force Method of marketing strategic sessions. Tests have proved that the methodology effectively determines customers’ business tasks that sometimes are not obvious to the them.

*In the process of testing no client suffered!


Ideas as solutions

We develop, but not make up creative ideas. We do not create ideas for the sake of ideas; we recognize only the ones that solve clients’ marketing tasks.


Invaluable experience

Our clients and works speak for us. The projects developed by us live for decades. We created a brand with the worldwide name Nemiroff LEX, branded a chain of electronic stores Comfy, developed a slogan for Roshen company – «Солодкий знак якості» (Sweet Quality Mark).


Nazar Ali

Just the head / Marketing comandor


Nina Ali

Strategist and tactician