Development of the Energy Saving Program

State-owned enterprise Energoatom controls the operation of all four nuclear power plants and produces up to 70% of energy in Ukraine. For a more efficient use of resources, in 2019 the company implemented an energy management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 50001: 2018.

Büro.MT was faced with the task of developing a general concept, visual design and content for the program.
The goal is to attract employees of Energoatom SE to the initiative and build a culture of responsible energy consumption, both at work and in everyday life.

The name of the program was born with the consideration of its main task – “Energy of responsibility”. And also the slogan “ Produce safely – consume rationally!”.

The logo developed by Büro.MT symbolizes a circle of trust, security and partnership. Green stands for ecology; yellow means energy; red – atomic energy; purple – employees. The philosophy of the Energy of Responsibility program lies in the synergy of four elements.

The first stage of work for Büro.MT is the production of branded, informational products for employees. The second is an advertising campaign for the whole Ukraine. The goal is to make energy consumers responsible and conscious.