Rebranding: three ways to renew a brand


Changes happen in aesthetic trends, economic situation and customers’ tastes. Brands have to meet the new requirements, developing up-to-the-minute and adapting to the inner tasks. Coca Cola changed its logo 11 times over its history. A collection of them looks like stages of human beings’ evolution

Sometimes the situation requires revolutionary shifts. And it is the main difficulty of rebranding. It is not enough to dethrone the old logo – the whole brand should be altered with its DNA preserved.

Our experience in rebranding companies shows that 99% of cases can be divided into three types. Specialties depend on goals and tasks that the renewal is after.


1. Visual evolution of a brand

A sign gets outdated with the time, sometimes acquiring new irrelevant senses – retro style, for example. In order to save the brand’s image, it is necessary to change the sign.

This type of rebranding renews the logo and corporate style to meet actual graphic tendencies. The basis of the sign stays the same. Nowadays such projects simplify them visually, eliminating excess graphic elements and creating neat aesthetics of the brand. For Harveast corporation Büro.MT changed and simplified the logo, leaving it recognizable.



This type of rebranding is also called redesign as mostly the changes happen to brand design solely. One more similar example — redesign of “Wheel of life” magazine. We developed new logo and cover.



2. New course of a brand

Rebranding is not only an answer to the outer requirements for a companys image. It is the result of inner changes of a business. Growth and development always lead to new goals and values. It is not enough to perform redesign although it might be a part of the renewal.

In this situation companies drastically renew their image. New values and promises to customers are formed, and the brand goes through repositioning on the market. Only the name stays the same.

“Arsenal” corporation served Ukrainian armed forces, and with the development of the corporation “Arsenal” needed a brand to work on the foreign market.

We developed a new positioning and a corporate slogan, a logo and a corporate style. Only the spirit of the company was left alongside its connection to the famous construction bureau of “Arsenal” factory. But the corporation received a strong and modern defense brand to work with foreign clients.



“Biola” beverage brand started the relaunch of the brand by themselves. They formed new company values and renewed the logo. Büro.MT developed a corporate style and logo variations for different product lines. The rebranding was finalized with the creation of a corporate slogan “Dring real. Be real!”



3. Brand reincarnation

The third type of rebranding is the most radical. It is reincarnation because a new version substitutes the old one. Sometimes only business processes and production capacities are left.

Such rebranding was carried out for “Ukrprominvest” group. Its confectionary department has become the famous Roshen.



Although more often the reincarnated brand becomes a successor. The values and approach to work at Büro.MT have changed since 1999. The agency became more democratic, brighter and more dynamic. The strict and imposing “Bureau of Marketing technologies” transformed into capacious and informal Büro.MT. And in substitution of a restrained and complicated identity there came bright colors and concise shapes. There remained our love for our work and the practical branding experience.



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