Territorial branding

Why do cities and countries have their own brands and how to create them?

There are many stereotypes in the modern society in relation to countries or regions. This increases the recognition and uniqueness of the territory. For example, France is known as a country of romance and culinary delights, the UK is known as a country of tea and rainy weather. Switzerland is the cradle of reliable banks and quality watches, and Brazil stands out in our mind as a country of carnivals and football. But all this is just the tip of the iceberg called “branding”.

So what is territorial branding?

Territorial branding is a strategy to increase the competitiveness of cities, areas, and regions … and other dry information.

And in simple words, branding is the creation of an individual image of a particular territory. This is a certain impression of a place in the minds of tourists or residents, a label that people associate with a certain region.

The whole process of branding can be divided into three stages:

– Territory positioning;

– Branding itself;

– Brand-building.

Target audience of the territorial brand

Target audience is an important component of branding. TA can be divided into two groups: external and internal, tourists and residents.

The image of the territory (place) should be shaped for both groups. Everything is very simple: having shaped a positive image of the region among residents, you can count on success in promoting the brand to an external group. Residents of the territory itself are supporters of the brand and its values. Without loyalty and involvement in the development of the territory of the residents all efforts will be meaningless.

What should a good brand of territory do?

1) work at emotional and rational levels;

2) be suitable for every brand audience;

3) be creatively different;

4) be honest.

It is necessary to avoid platitudes and clichés in order to emphasize the idea of territory development the public will accept.

Who determines the success of territorial branding?

An important part of the brand’s success is also the subjects of its development: local government, business and the population. There are three organizational models of territorial marketing:

1) Administrative: initiators are state institutions or local authorities;

2) Entrepreneurial: in this case, the process is initiated by business. Local entrepreneurs are interested in activating the export of goods and services of their own production, as well as attracting investments in the region;

3) Civil: marketing of the territory is initiated by various institutions or even by individual citizens.

Characteristics of the territory as a brand basis

Modern realia show that each geographic area has its advantages, which is important for creating the image of the region. The main objects of competitiveness of the territories are:

– population;

– investments;

– enterprises;

– trade;

– tourism.