We have engineering approach to advertisement creation – we construct it. We research the product and the market, analyze the information, and define the tasks of this advertisement – and only then we choose a creative idea that will accomplish them.

Büro.MT ― full cycle advertising agency: we create advertising projects from “A” to “Z”, from marketing research to media buying.

We love and can make:

Advertising campaigns

Media strategies

Video clips and radio clips


You need an advertisement? We will create it!



Büro.MT was founded in 1999 and was one of the first advertising agencies in Ukraine. During these 19 years we have developed over 2000 creative projects for big international and Ukrainian brands —  Microsoft, ŠKODA, BASF, Monsanto, Makel, Nemiroff, ПБГ «Ковальська», «Фундамент», SUN InBev Ukraine, «Верес», Roshen and many others.

Nowadays the structure of our agency —our own research department and experts of strategic planning — lets us competentely approach each project.

Any creative concept we start by studying information about the market, customers and products, defining goals and tasks of the communication. And only then we construct the creative idea itself.

The development process of an advertising campaign in our agency consists of 12 stages:

1. Client-managers meet the customer to outline project tasks, deadlines and budgets.

2. Project manager gathers a project team inside the advertising agency and conducts a briefing with them.

3. Managers and researchers analyze the current situation on the market, the competition, special aspects of the product and customer behavior.

4. Based on the gathered data, agency project team (including a strategic planning professional) state possible strategies of the advertising communication, its goals and tasks, define the most relevant media.

5. This information is used by our creative department to create creative concepts and drafts for advertising products.
After discussion and approval of options inside the agency the ideas are presented to the client.

6. The customer gives feedback; the creative department makes editorial changes and corrections. This stage can be repeated several times — until the final concept variants are chosen and approved.

7. Specialists of media planning create a plan of advertisement placement; the client manager approves it with the client.

8. The agency deals with the purchase of advertisement placements.

9. The project manager and the creative department organize and control the production processes (printing quality, video clip filming, radio clip recording).

10. After the final approval of the customer, the advertisement is placed on different carriers, sent into rotation and printing.

11. The agency monitors effectiveness of the campaign and makes placement parameters corrections if necessary.

12. This algorithm allows maximally fast, convenient and effective development of both complex advertising campaigns and separate products (radio and video clips, Ooh advertisements, advertising in press, BTL-materials).