Marketing researches

marketing research


We specialize in marketing research for a client’s specific needs — or if to use researchers’ language, ad-hoc. We help our clients understand, what their customers want, and how to use this knowledge. At the end of each market research we provide our client with a detailed report with recommendations, what to do with the data received.

We use all types of research tools and methodologies, including:

Express polls
Mass surveys
Content research
Expert surveys
Mystery shopping

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Marketing researches – the main working direction at Büro.MT. We research markets and customers’ practices since the day of the agency’s foundation. And over 20 years of work we conducted more than 2000 research projects.

Our specialization is ad-hoc research or, in other words, research for a specific client. Every project is an exclusive design for a particular client’s tasks.

There are four stages of an ad-hoc marketing research:

1. Design

Our specialists design a research project based on a client’s request: they choose research tools and methods, define the sample of survey respondents and formulate questions this marketing research has to answer.

2. Implementation

After designing the research and clients approval we start the implementation itself (including survey organization and monitoring, product hall tests, mystery consumer visits, focus-groups and other fieldwork).

3. Analyses and recommendations

One of the most difficult stages requires researchers to be able to work with huge amounts of data, be attentive and have professional insight. At this point we analyze and structure the data gathered, transforming the results of marketing research and the insights received into a report that would be convenient for perception.

We finish all our analytical reports with recommendations for our clients — how to use the received information to solve the client’s problems: what marketing activities to conduct, how to readjust market strategies (the product, distribution features, communication with clients and the like)

4. Post-consultation

Büro.MT offers its clients an almost unique service — marketing consultation in the summary of a research project. During 3 months after the marketing research we help our client apply the received information and implement the agency’s recommendations.

Ad-hoc researches are nowadays the most effective method of researching markets and customers’ behavior. It is effective because it precisely fits the needs of each specific client and their product, and takes into account the actual situation on the market.

The relative duration of such marketing research in comparison to standard projects can be considered a disadvantage. However, the great experience of researchers at Büro.MT allows maximal short-term ad-hoc research realization.