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Any brand has PR resource. We find important aspects in a company’s activities and products and make them interesting for the society. Our  style of developing PR-campaigns is: Finding the real. Making it interesting. Changing the world. 

Our PR services:

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Working with public opinion is our specialization. We were among the first PR-agencies in Ukraine and today we have a great portfolio of PR projects.

Büro.MT has developed and continues implementing PR campaigns for Roshen, «Kievgorstroi», «Eurocar», Comfy, Bionorica, Sandoz, Sanofi and the like. But we also enjoy working with small enterprises and startups. Any company has PR-resource, “inconvenient” clients do not exist.

A brand has what to tell people – it is only important to choose the necessary words. Over the years of experience we have developed three principles of work of PR-agency. They allow effective influence on public opinion. Following them, we develop PR-campaigns and create separate PR-products.


3 PR-principles of Büro.MT

1. Initiative

Actions persuade better than words. In PR this rule works as well as in personal relationships. In order to develop a really powerful campaign, we need to act. And tell loudly about the work done.

2. Awareness

A brand will be heard if the agency precisely knows what, how, when, where and whom to tell. Therefore deep understanding of the market situation and public mood.

3. Sincerity

We do not believe that a project based on lies can be successful. Attempts to create a PR campaign with untruthful data are waste of time and resources, not mentioning the ethical question. Honesty inspires but also makes PR persuading.