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Design is a graphical solution for marketing tasks. Creating beautiful and appropriate design, we take into account the brand’s positioning, features of the competition, expectations of the target audience and purpose of the object itself.


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Professional design is important for marketing and design: the level of visual component can define success of the idea. Unsuitable design can kill even the most interesting concept. There are bricks of marketing strategy that rely on design:

Design as means of communication

Advertising communication is aimed at forming positive image of a brand and encouraging customers to make purchase. The key factor at involving people into buying is how trustworthy the brand looks.

Brand is the image that customers have of some offer: some brands are perceived as embodiments of luxury, some – of comfort and openness.

Each advertising product, be it a video clip, a leaflet or an online banner, says something about the brand. And it is essential that visual part corresponds to the brand image that customers have formed.

Low-quality, inappropriate design that does not correspond to the positioning undermines years of brand development. And vice versa, a good design evokes trust as it is a signal of professionalism, its financial resources, quality of work and stable market position.

Design attracts attention

Best advertising campaigns attract customers’ attention from the first glance. It has to stand out among other advertisements and content producers. It has to draw attention of the audience necessary and keep it.

Depending on the goals of the communication and on the target audience, an outstanding design is different. It can be a concise and noble visual solution or a bright and dynamic one. But notwithstanding the chosen style, quality design is what makes an advertising campaign not only noticeable, but also memorable.

Design stimulates sales

Conversion depends on many more factors than text alone. There are numerous researches that prove well-thought design to increase the probability of a purchase or a call. How does an eye slide around a website? What emotions do photographs and color palette evoke? Finding correct answers to these and similar questions are the key to creating design that sells.

Design strengthens messages

It can support and emphasize messages of a brand or a company. This feature of good design is vital not only for branding and advertising communication, but also in non-profit activities. This way several precisely chosen photographs can encourage people to donate more than hundreds of words describing the issue.