Strategic sessions

Агентство Büro.MT - Проведення стратегічних сесій


It is a special type of joint work of the agency and a client, the peak of collective creativity and one of the favorite tools at Büro.MT. It is claimed that the most talented kids are born in love. And the most innovative ideas are born in strategic sessions!

We conduct strategic sessions with our own methodology 3 Force Method. It allows the most effective usage of the session format not only to find great decisions, but to find a lot of great decisions.


Strategic sessions help:

Develop business strategy
Create marketing strategy
Define strategic advantages of a business
Find friction and growth points
Launch a new project
Solve any business task
Find unordinary ideas for business development


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3 Force Method for strategic sessions was developed by Büro.MT as a result of great experience of working in this format.

Not only are strategic sessions an effective but also the fastest way for the agency and a client to get to the common understanding of the problem and its solution.

3 groups of people participate in a session:



The client’s management and employees have deep understanding of the business and its specificities. And they are highly motivated to achieve great results.


Experience and special knowledge on the topics of the strategic session, for instance, developing a marketing strategy.


Special tools, such as brain storm, world café and method of focal objects to organize most productive cooperation of the other two groups. 



This tool helps people get on the same wavelength literally over a day, while standard “meeting and e-mail” format prolongs it for months. And for the modern dynamic markets it is unjustified luxury.